2017 Women's Soccer Team

No. Name Position Grade   No. Name Position Grade
2 Emma Poole Mid SO   13 Abriana Rondin For JR
3 McKayla Szabo Def JR   15 Amy Nuti Mid JR
4 Rachel Barnes Mid SR   19 Natalie Drake For FR
6 Raiyah Johnson For/GK SR   20 AJ Williard Mid JR
7 Morgan Krek Mid SO   21 Bella DeCicco Def JR
8 Maddie DeTullio FOr/GK SR   23 Dana Quayle Def FR
9 Kelly Miles For FR   25 Rachel Bender Def JR
10 Briana Castro Mid SR   27 Jenna Copen Mid SO
12 Grace Gentile Mid SR   29 Kelly Owens Mid FR

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