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Education is all about learning problem-solving skills.  Once a student has mastered this skill, life becomes an exciting learning adventure. We believe in unlocking this talent in each of our students through our multi-faceted curriculum. It is a curriculum that has academic rigor, faith and fun intertwined throughout.

Students are challenged to think analytically in Science and Math programs, creatively in English, and insightfully in their Foreign Language, Social Science and Religion studies. Our goal is to prepare students for both collegiate life and the many opportunities they will encounter thereafter.

Honors Academy students experience all of this, and also have the option to add an extra layer of depth to their educational experience through seminars, enhanced service projects, and school-sponsored college visits.


Josh Lyons

Medical School Student - University of Cincinnati; Alum 2007

...the material I was studying in my college classes was identical to the material covered in my high school classes! It put me ahead of the game...


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