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Lisa Fenn

Class of 1992
Like many young people, I struggled with the issue of faith as I entered my teenage years. I had gone through Confirmation and knew God’s promises for me, but found it difficult to “make the faith my own.” I had head knowledge of Christ, but badly wanted a deeper connection. I remember struggling with such a faith issue through my eighth grade

Months later I entered Lutheran West. The school’s Bible classes and chapel services showed me who Jesus was and what type of relationship He desired to have with me. Nevertheless, this knowledge still did not have the impact I desired. Instead, what inspired me towards faith were the relationships I developed with friends, teachers and coaches. As they loved me and befriended me, I grew to understand Christ’s love for me. Such spiritual conversation and encouragement would have been difficult to find elsewhere.

Lutheran West offered the clarity and relevancy of Christ against the backdrop of my teenage experiences. During my junior year my relationship with Christ blossomed. I embarked on college secure in my purpose on this earth and my identity as God’s beloved. Today I work as a Features Producer at ESPN. I travel the world as a joyful servant of Christ, all the while mindful of my spiritual roots in Lutheran West.

Josh Lyons

Class of 2007

...the material I was studying in my college classes was identical to the material covered in my high school classes! It put me ahead of the game...


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