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Jessica Moses

Class of 2005
Lutheran West has prepared me for life and my experience at the University of Pittsburgh through the education and foundation of faith that I was able to build while I was there. With the help of teachers, coaches, and staff, as well as the never-ending support of my parents, I was able to grow in knowledge and in the Christian faith. This has allowed me not only to take on challenges in the classroom or on the volleyball court, but to learn and endure life lessons as well. I have been able to stay true to my beliefs, my dreams, and to myself. It is because of these things that I am most certainly proud of where I come from!

A few experiences that impacted me while I was at Lutheran West were Mr. Fenske’s religion classes as well as the chapels that we would have. In both scenarios it was not a matter of whether or not it was right to talk about our faith or religious issues. It was not a matter of who was singing or who was listening to the speaker. Instead, it was about a large student body coming together to worship, pray, and learn about God’s word through the message that each speaker brought. There were no distractions and no insecurities.

I enjoyed learning about real life issues in class and going to chapel not only because they helped build my faith (and because they were a nice break from regular classes), but because I was surrounded by people who were Christians looking to grow in their faith as well. I benefited a lot from these teachings as I still look back at them today for guidance. I also continue to look for opportunities to be surrounded by Christians either through Bible studies, church, or volunteering to help others.

Sometimes it’s just by being around people who practice Christian teachings and are willing to lend a hand that help you grow the most, whether it’s in chapel, class, walking down the hallway, or eating lunch with friends.

Walter Senney

Class of 1973

The high schools take our youth at very changing and challenging times in their lives and hold them in His care and mold them in the way He has taught us.


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