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Henry F. Fabian-Jr

Class of 1980
What are the virtues of wisdom? There are those who are ever “learning” and yet never come to the knowledge of the truth. Proverbs 9:10 teaches us that first among the virtues of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. This is something a secular education can simply not deliver. True wisdom leads us to embrace this and to study God’s word for the purpose of discovering His will. Indeed, the discipline to seek this knowledge has formed the greatest characters.

We live in a dynamic world, where secular beliefs and globalization mount ever greater challenges to our ability to think critically and to judge with a discerning eye. Samuel Johnson once said that knowledge without integrity was dangerous. We have seen the fruits of such an education bountifully displayed in our modern society. What we most need in these times is a moral compass, one that never fails us, allowing us to travel on life’s journey with confidence. Building and nurturing this “intellectual integrity”, this moral compass, is the essence of Christian-based education. This is the gift that Lutheran West gave to me and continues to bestow on its students.

Amy Ford

Class of 2012

We were encouraged by our many faithful teachers ... not only in the classroom, but by example. They, along with our loving parents, have always been there to encourage us, push us ...


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