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Elsa Jedick-Kottmann

Class of 2003
My education at Lutheran West was an invaluable experience to me and one that I still hold dear to my heart. After graduating from Lutheran West, I headed out to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. At first I was amazed by how well prepared I was academically.  It seemed like many of my honors classes in high school were more in-depth and thought provoking then those I took in college. I had great opportunities and skilled professors at the reputable Miami University, but none seemed to compare to the teachers I had at Lutheran West. My classes in high school were not only challenging, but also interactive and fun! I missed the crazy debates we’d have, the creative lesson plans of the teachers and how into it my classmates were!

I remember missing the personal touches of Lutheran West when I first started college. I loved the way the Lutheran West faculty and staff not only knew my name, but knew my family, my interests and were even praying for me in difficult circumstances. I felt like it was a real community where individuals were still important. My faith also became deeper in amazing ways during my time at LW. During those formative years, I had teachers sharing the love of God with me.

Chapel and religion classes were great, but at Lutheran West I knew it was about more than that. I knew if I had questions after class or just needed someone to pray with, the staff was there for me. What God did in my life and my heart during high school plays a huge part in what I’m doing now. I’m currently working as a full-time missionary at a college campus in Minnesota. I still know that those at Lutheran West are praying for me and are a part of what God is doing in and through me here! It is still great to be a part of the Lutheran West community!

Jackeline Castro

Class of 2008

To put it simply, I believe that Lutheran West put me a step ahead of the game in attending college because of its core values of academics and it focus upon walking with Christ.


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Acts 3:6-8 I don’t have much, but what I have I give to you:  In the name of Jesus-Walk!  The man jumped up leaping, dancing and praising God!